EPIC - With One Opportunity

A. Russell Hughes is the Superintendent of Schools for Walton County School District in Florida. He has successfully led this public school system to the #3 ranking of Florida’s 67 school districts. He is dedicated to ensuring every student has access to opportunities to maximize their potential. Superintendent Hughes is married to his epic wife Lori and has two children, Melvin and Micah, and five beautiful grandchildren. He reminds them all to be EPIC in all their endeavors.

I played multiple defensive positions in baseball, including pitcher, catcher, shortstop, and third base; the latter is considered the hot spot. The hot spot is where the fastest and hardest balls travel. The player in this position had to be fearless, skilled, innovative, and productive. These characteristics
practiced early in my childhood were found to be beneficial later throughout my thirty-two years as an educator. I always found a way to win, particularly when faced with One Opportunity for success.




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